Jupiter Florida Pompano Fishing

Nice Pompano on a Doc's Goofy Jig

Nice Pompano on a Doc's Goofy Jig

Has anyone seen the Pompano fishing as good as it has been this year??
If you want to catch pompano at the surf with a jig, try fishing with a 3/8 oz Doc’s Goofy Jig in Yellow or Pink. From the surf, you want to retrieve it slow with a little twitch….But if you are fishing in the River, try making it hop, like a shrimp jumping.
If you have been catching them with a different jig, let me know.
Pete Schulz

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  1. Chris DeLorenzo Says:

    I have been catching pompano on a similar jig to a Doc’s Goofy Jig. It is called the Capt. Delo’s Daffy Jig. It is similar in appearance however the daffy jig is rounded and has a bronze hook.
    I have been catching Pompano in Jensen Beach on the Chart. Green/White with a Pink Deadly Fly. Tipped with a tiny piece of fresh dead shrimp. I will be happy to send you a couple different colors to try out and let me know what you think.
    Capt.Chris DeLorenzo(Capt. Delo)

  2. Marcus Says:

    Where on this coast can we get the Doc’s Goofy Jigs?

  3. Steve Johnson Says:


    I am a Michigan(der) down in west Palm for eight weeks to work. Did some shore fishing last April at Cape San Blas in the panhandle. Most fun (fishing)I’ve ever had (got the shore fishing bug!!). Just a novice, but would love to shore fish for Pompano here…and what ever else bites. I would like to visit your store for some gear and advice like I got from some more experienced fisherman in the pan handle last April. Look forward to hearing from you with any help or advice. My painter told me to fish Jupiter beach….???THX!!!

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